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How to config. LinqGen

Sep 14, 2012 at 8:30 AM

Hi All!

My English is not good, so....

I downloaded oracleprovider-0.0.3 But i do not khow how to config for generating code.

I open LinqGen Project in ZIP  file.

In app.config file, i changed the connectstring to connect to my database (Oracle);

The project has 0 errors where build.

But when i run (F5) i get error like:

- "this._prefix = ConfigurationManager.AppSettings["NameSpacePrefixName"];"

- "Configuration system failed to initialize"

Then i define this._prefix, this._directory with constant , it is okie. But i get another error like:

 - "IDataReader reader = DataTool.GetAllTables();"

- The type initializer for 'LinqGen.DataTool' threw an exception.

So i can not fix these errors.

Please, tell me, ho to fix them?

Thank you.

It is so hard to write them in English.